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EN The #36DaysOfType is a very well known project that happens every year on Instagram. The idea is, during 36 days, post a composition using a letter of our alphabet. I’m not posting everyday, but I’m keeping this project alive as my personal project to relax and keep me motivated and active.

PT O #36DaysOfType é um projeto muito conhecido que acontece todo ano no Instagram. A ideia é, durante 36 dias, postar uma composição utilizando uma letra do nosso alfabeto. Eu não estou fazendo uma postagem por dia, estou fazendo no meu tempo como um projeto pessoal para relaxar e me manter motivado e ativo.

A” is for “Aquatic
B” is for “Bicycle
C” is for “Couple
D” is for “Donuts Truck
E” is for “Experiment
F” is for “Fox
G” is for “Galactic

H” is for “Horse Riding

I” is for “Inventor

J” is for “Jazz

K” is for “Karate


L” is for “Lemonade Stand

M” is for “Mermaid

N” is for “Nap

O” is for “Octopus

P” is for “Pirate

Q” is for “Queen

R” is for “Rain

S” is for “Savannah

T” is for “Travel

U” is for “UFO

V” is for “Vampire

W” is for “Whale

X” is for “X-Men

Y” is for “Yeti

Z” is for “Zombie

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